Better than Free Crowdfunding

Better than Free Crowdfunding

Starting a fundraiser is always FREE!

WayGiver is all about making your campaign successful, so starting a fundraiser is completely free. Need support or someone from WayGiver to speak to your board or leadership team? There will never be a charge. If your fundraiser is through a church or ministry, we don’t even charge a fee to put your logo in the header of your campaign page. Any donations collected directly by your organization can be added to your campaign for free as well. But that’s just the beginning.


What are the fees?

All crowdfunding platforms have two parts to their fee: the credit card processing fee and the platform fee (which some “free” sites call a donation). Our credit card processor (Stripe) charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. This is standard across just about every fundraising platform. Our platform fee is just 5%, a rate at the low end of the fundraising industry. This is what pays for the technology, support services, and staff that make WayGiver available for you to use. We are always grateful when you use our site! If all this is pretty standard, what makes WayGiver different?


How WayGiver maximizes the donations to your campaign

Typically these fees are taken out of the donations you receive, but here’s where WayGiver is different. During the donation process, we offer the donor the option to cover the fees so that 100% of their donation can go to your campaign. Nearly 90% of our donors choose this option. This means your fundraiser gets all of the donation, maximizing the amount going to your campaign. This method also works the best for smaller donations, where the fixed fee from the credit card processor begins to have a larger impact when taken out of the donation. But there’s one more great reason to use WayGiver.


We give back

Because of our belief in the blessing of being a giver, WayGiver donates 10% of our platform fee to campaigns, ministries, and other Christian organizations.


You can do it, and we can help!

Part of our mission is to provide all the information you need to run the best fundraising campaign possible. If you need to know more about our pricing or how it compares to other fundraising platforms, we are always


WayGiver - Be a blessing!