WayGiver for Ministries

WayGiver for Ministries

Christian Crowdfunding for Ministries


Whether it’s a crisis pregnancy center, college ministry, or missionary organization, Christian ministries and parachurch organizations all have people, projects, and programs that need funding. WayGiver is a tool to help ministries easily and effectively raise money for causes that matter.


Special Features for Ministries

  • Branded fundraiser pages with your ministry logo and info in the header
  • Tax deductible fundraisers for recognized non-profit organizations
  • Team fundraisers
  • Campaigns that are easy to link to your webpage and social media
  • Approval of fundraisers before publication
  • Comment moderation
  • Support and coaching from the WayGiver team


Are you a ministry leader interested in learning more about how you can use WayGiver Christian Crowdfunding to make an impact on your community? Contact us and we’ll show you how.




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