Crowdfunding for Religious Freedom

Crowdfunding for Religious Freedom

In a changing society, citizens have an increased need to defend the religious liberties we have taken for granted. When we observe others coming under attack, we should support those forced to use the legal process to hold to Christian principles.

Recently, some crowdfunding sites have not permitted campaigns to help fund a defense of religious freedom. But WayGiver is different. We can be an important tool for both Christians who come under fire for their beliefs, and those who wish to support them.

In fact, crowdfunding a legal defense fund in such cases is not just a way of raising money. It can be a way for like-minded people to voice their support and stand with those being targeted.

Why use WayGiver? Learn more at our blog post "GoFundMe vs. Religious Freedom."

Crowdfunding for Religious Freedom

Need help creating a campaign for religious freedom? Contact us at and we will help you get started and provide coaching along the way.

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