Become A Partner Church or Ministry

Become A Partner Church or Ministry

Helping You Reach Your Community

Our Partnership Program is part of our mission to help churches and ministries use crowdfunding to reach their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It allows a church or ministry to brand the header of the crowdfunding page with their logo and contact info. When the fundraiser is shared through email and social media, the sponsoring ministry can be easily seen. This name recognition is helpful in establishing the legitimacy of the fundraiser.


How does Partnership work?

What you do: Contact us at and let us know you would like to use WayGiver Christian Crowdfunding in your ministry. Then provide us with your contact information, a header image, and documentation of your non-profit status if you are not a church.

What we do: WayGiver certifies your campaigns as tax deductible, creates a custom campaign template, generates a link to a branded page displaying all your present and past campaigns, and adds you to our Partner's list under the Partners tab in our header.


What does it cost to be a Partner?

Becoming a partner is free and you can launch as many fundraisers as you would like for free too. We support our service by charging a small free during the donation process which is often covered by the donor.


What advantages come from being a Partner?

  • A personalized header for each of your fundraisers
  • Tax deductible fundraisers
  • Your own easily accessed page
  • Full support and coaching from the WayGiver team
  • Gold Star early adopter recognition


Tax Deductible Fundraisers

As a church or registered not-for-profit ministry, you may be able to sponsor fundraisers and make them tax deductible. Certain IRS rules do apply.


Add Credibility to Campaigns

One of the key ingredients of a successful crowdfunding campaign is credibility. When a church or ministry sponsors a campaign, it adds credibility leading to greater donations.


Easily Add Campaigns to your Website

WayGiver makes it easy for you to promote and share your fundraisers without having to do any programming or complicated website changes. We create a page for you to link to from your website. Your header appears at the top, and the page displays all of your current and past fundraisers.


Help Tap Into a Bigger Audience

Churches and ministries already have an audience. By sponsoring a fundraiser, your ministry can help promote the campaign by adding it to your website and posting it on social media. If you want to incorporate crowdfunding into your ministry, one of the first steps to is to continue building your audience. Social media is great but in the long term, email continues to be one of the most productive forms of communicating with a large audience.


WayGiver Support and Coaching

Using crowdfunding in your ministry may be new to you. If you need some guidance, we are here for you at Contact us if you need assistance navigating through the site, creating a campaign, or determining how to tell your story effectively.


Early Adopters Are Gold Star Partners

Gold Star partners are those who get onboard early and help WayGiver launch this ministry. We recognize their critical role in starting WayGiver with a gold star by their name on our Partners page.


Partnership Approvals & Leadership Meetings

Accountability at any church or ministry means that new relationships need to be discussed and approved at the board or leadership level. WayGive's Co-Founder, Doug Goodrich, can meet with your leadership team via Skype, Hangouts, or teleconferencing to answer your questions and to talk about how your ministry can utilize crowdfunding to impact your community.


To learn more, contact WayGiver at


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