Promoting Your Fundraiser
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Promoting Your Fundraiser

Promoting Your Fundraiser to Maximize Reach and Donations

Social media can be a powerful tool for publicizing your fundraiser. You don’t need a thousand Facebook friends to run a successful WayGiver campaign, but considering your network, community, or audience when you create your page will make a big difference. Here are some tips for promoting your campaign to your community.


Tip #1 - Share it with your closest friends first

Once your page is live, tell your closest friends first — the ones most likely to share your feelings about the fundraiser. One of the best ways to do this is via email. With crowdfunding, credibility and movement are big parts of a successful campaign. Once your closest friends are onboard and giving, others will be able see the legitimacy and momentum of your fundraising effort.


Tip #2 - Share it on social media

Everyone has probably seen a crowdfunding campaign on Facebook. Social media has been key in making online crowdfunding so successful! Once you have shared your page on your social media accounts, be sure to ask your friends not only to donate, but to share it with their network. Likes and shares increase the visibility of your campaign, and this multiplies the likelihood of success. [go a long way towards a successful fundraiser.] WayGiver campaigns all have a social sharing bar on the left side of the page to make sharing to social media easy.


Tip #3 - Put it on the Web

If you are a church or ministry, put your fundraiser in a prominent place on your website. This will make it visible to those looking for information about you. It also gives you an easy way to direct people to the details of your campaign.


Tip #4 - Use the news

When a WayGiver campaign is used for an event covered by local media such as a memorial, medical need, or emergency fund, be sure to let the media know about the fundraiser. Media outlets will often mention such fundraisers as part of their coverage.


Tip #5 - Consider boosting a post on Facebook

One of the cool things about sharing on social media is that a campaign can go viral. Sometimes, there may be a place for giving a campaign a little boost. For the right kind of fundraiser, advertising on Facebook can be both effective and amazingly inexpensive.


For example, a family loses their home in a fire and a local church decides to set up a WayGiver fundraiser for them. The community knows about the fire from local news coverage, but they may not know about the fundraiser. After sharing the campaign on Facebook, you will notice a small button under the image that says, “Boost Post.” Facebook offers lots of options for advertising, including selecting a local area and other demographic criteria. For as little as $5 a day, Facebook can promote your campaign to thousands of people right in your community, and you may only need to boost the post for a few days. That small investment can make a real difference in your campaign!


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